VocaLink - operator of the UK national payments infrastructure

VocaLink is a global payments partner relied on by financial institutions, corporates and governments to provide high availability and resilient payment solutions.

We operate world class leading payment clearing systems and ATM switching platforms which underpin the majority of UK electronic payments – we provide a national grid for payments. Our proven capability of implementing real time payment systems in the UK has led to the development of immediate payment solutions for other countries.

Our platforms have made it easier to make payments confidently, securely and cost effectively. Last year we processed over 10 billion transactions with a value of £6 trillion.

We provide the platform for Bacs and the Current Account Switch Service; the real-time platform for the Faster Payments Service; and the LINK ATM Network, giving businesses and consumers simple, instant and reliable ways to access and move money.

We are also at the forefront of mobile payments and Zapp, the UK’s leading mobile payment innovation, is empowering consumers to be able to make secure real-time consumer to merchant payments through existing mobile banking services.

VocaLink is Central Banking Payments and Clearing Technology Provider of the Year.

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VocaLink 2014 Annual Report

VocaLink 2014 Annual Report


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