Payments Services from VocaLink - Safer payments, smarter partner

VocaLink provides and operates the central payments processing infrastructures that power the UK economy.

We are the driving force in payment processing innovation and are the chosen provider of three principal UK transaction services: 

VocaLink helps banks and corporates drive efficiency and improve cash flow by increasing automation and reducing transaction costs. 

Over many years we have worked with organisations to transform their financial supply chains, unlocking cash and giving banks the opportunity to develop profitable new business lines. 

In choosing VocaLink you have a partner with unmatched experience in the transactions business. 

All VocaLink customers benefit from our economies of scale, expertise and a constant stream of innovation. To find out how VocaLink can help your business, please follow the appropriate link below.

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Mobile Payments

We are industry leaders in mobile payments and are working with the UK payments industry to deliver the Mobile Payments Platform.

Read our Immediate Mobile Payments research.

Explore our partnership with the Payments Council.

Payments Processing

The VocaLink switching platform connects over 60,000 ATMs, the world's busiest network, while our payments platform processes over 500 million payments per month.

Read more about the VocaLink Partnership with Bankgirot.

Real Time Payments

Our Real-time Payments Platform is the central infrastructure for the UK's Faster Payments Service.

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Our role as the key technology provider for Bacs has placed us at the heart of the payments industry for over 40 years.

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Payments Solutions


Immediate Payments

VocaLink offers Immediate Payments; an innovative product from enabling account to account credit transfers in near real time, between participating banks.

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Faster Payments Management

The Faster Payments Managed Service is an outsourced offering from VocaLink that provides and manages direct connectivity to the UK Faster Payments Servicewhilst supporting all your payment processing needs.

Learn more about the VocaLink Faster Payments Managed Service.


Payments Consultancy Services

VocaLink are involved in shaping, leading and supporting some of the biggest, most cutting edge payments projects around today. As you would expect from a business with such a rich heritage our consultants are well acquainted with the technology challenges surrounding payments.

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The Extended Industry Sort Code Directory

VocaLink Provide both the Extended Industry Sort Code Directory and Modulus Checking to ensure that you have the most up to date and valid payments information.

Learm how to prevent payments falures using our customer support services.