VocaLink ATM Database

Find all of the UK's 65,000 LINK-enabled ATMs

ATM location and characteristic data is very valuable to online mapping providers, satellite navigation suppliers, applications developers and data resellers. The most comprehensive in the UK, VocaLink's ATM database can be used to enrich your application or service and offer a superior end-user experience.

Key benefits

  • Most comprehensive UK ATM database with approximately 65,000 records
  • Flexible licensing terms with a choice of update frequencies and contract lengths
  • Full address and characteristic information, including co-ordinates based on the ATM postcode.

The VocaLink ATM database is offered in a flexible format through a convenient and secure FTP service. Data is sourced directly from ATM operators and updated weekly, enabling you to download updates as required.

What's included?

  • Owner - the bank, financial institution or independent ATM deployer
  • Premises information - the name of the organisation or building where the ATM is located
  • Address - including the street, town or city and postcode
  • Access - specific location attributes, including: through the wall, private, extended hours, and business hours only
  • Policy - whether the ATM is free to use or pay to use
  • ATM characteristics - such as disabled access, mobile phone top-up enabled
  • Geographical coordinates - longitude and latitude based on the ATM postcode.


Single extract licence:
£5,000 + VAT

Annual SFTP subscription:
£10,000 + VAT 

Please download the sample data for further details of the fields included.

Why VocaLink?

We have a proven track record of pioneering within the payments world: originating and implementing UK banking and mobile industries to provide a collaborative, innovative, cost effective and dependable solution.

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