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A Mastercard company, Vocalink designs, builds and operates industry-leading bank account-based payment systems.

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Our innovations

1968 – Interbank Computer bureau

First shared service for banks launches with a secure, streamlined service, reducing processing time and human errors using International Standards.

1970 – Direct Debits introduced

Providing customers with the simplest and most convenient way to pay for regular and occasional bills. Over 70% of the population use our services to pay their household bills by Direct Debit.

1985 – LINK interchange network ltd

The vision of interoperability between ATMs becomes a reality.

2002 – IP Based corporate access

BACSTEL-IP is launched, a unique service enabling corporate clients to submit payments directly over the internet - becomes the world's largest interoperable PKI system.

2008 – Faster Payments Service

Vocalink designs, builds and operates the infrastructure for the Faster Payments Service on behalf of the Faster Payments Scheme. The service runs on Vocalink's real-time payments platform.

2011 – National mobile proxy database

Vocalink is selected by the Payments Council to develop a new mobile payments platform, enabling bank customers to send instant payments to other people using just their mobile phone number.

2013 – Current account switching

Vocalink launches central infrastructure for a 7 day current account switch service.

2014 – Paym

The Payments Council's new payment service Paym launches in April, powered by Vocalink's National Mobile Proxy Database.

2014 – FAST

Vocalink provides real-time technology to support launch of Immediate Payments service FAST in Singapore.

2015 - PayPort

End-to-end gateway service connecting financial institutions to the Faster Payments service.

2015 – The Clearing House

Vocalink signs deal with The Clearing House to help bring real-time payments to the U.S.

2016 – Zapp

Major banks sign up to work with Zapp to deliver "Pay By Bank App" to make paying with your mobile safe, secure and convenient.

2016 – Mastercard

Mastercard and Vocalink join forces to enhance payment services for the benefit of customers and partners.

2016 - Vocalink Analytics

Where cutting-edge data science meets payments data to help protect people, businesses and payment systems from fraud and financial crime.

2017 - Cheque & Credit Clearing

New Image Clearing System enabling the processing of cheques in the UK allowing customers quicker access to funds.

2017 - RTP

The Clearing House (TCH) launch transformative real-time payments systems in the U.S.


People are our most vital asset. We offer specialised payment services, so we know the value that experienced and engaging professionals bring to our organisation. We require employees to have skills that are sought after and valued in the marketplace. Start your journey with Vocalink today.

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our strategic vision

Innovating in our core business

We've been leading the way in the payments industry for nearly 50 years, pioneering the UK's first network of ATMs - a transformational breakthrough in its day. 

Todaywe develop world-class payments platforms that power global economies. Our payment platforms power Bacs and the Faster Payments Service in the UK, and we continue to bring our expertise to the fore by enhancing our existing systems and developing a blueprint for the future of payments.

Developing new products


Since 2008, the Faster Payments Service has given UK consumers and businesses a fast and secure way to move money online, at any time of day or night. To remain relevant and meet customer expectations, banks and businesses had to make the most of the real-time Faster Payments infrastructure available to them. However, the door into Faster Payments hasn’t always been open to smaller financial institutions.  

In recent years we have invested substantially to provide secure and universal access to our payment systems. PayPort, our new managed service, facilitates a level playing field between larger established financial institutions and up and coming challenger banks who wish to connect to Faster Payments. PayPort was one of the very first platforms to gain Vendor Accreditation from Faster Payments Scheme Limited (FPSL) in 2016.

Vocalink Analytics

We are working with regulators, financial services organisations and other stakeholders to develop a suite of new and innovative products to benefit consumers, businesses and the wider economy.

Vocalink Analytics delivers fact-based, timely insights via up-to-date, transactional data, which enable better informed decision making and help to solve some of the big problems that affect society. Through our suite of insight products, we help businesses to deliver an enhanced experience for their customers and achieve operational efficiencies at the same time. Our vision is to power insights that empower everyday lives. We create superior intelligence by fusing our technological expertise with our ability to distil data down into meaningful information. Vocalink Analytics is the point at which technology meets people, art and science. 

Alternative Payments

Pay by Bank app is of great interest to businesses and consumers alike and offers all the benefits of real-time payment and billing using your smart phone. By harnessing the power of Vocalink’s real-time clearing system, payment is easier, quicker and the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. 

Shaping international payments

Our strategy is built on a vision to shape the global payments landscape and in recent years we have partnered with other industry leaders to expand our offering into international markets.

Our Immediate Payments Solution was developed in 2012 to meet the exacting demands that emerged in the need to support real-time payment processing at scale. Our experience means that we understand the demands placed on any Automated Clearing House that supports an entire country. 

The FAST service in Singapore, which is supported by our Immediate Payment Solution, has operated at 100% availability since inception. Now bank customers can pay who they want, when they want, in real-time. 

In October 2015 we announced an agreement with National ITMX Co. Ltd, Thailand’s main interbank payments infrastructure provider, to develop the plans for the introduction of mobile payments underpinned by our Immediate Payments Solution as a strategic platform in Thailand. We believe that, over time, the Thai economy will benefit significantly from real-time technology as a driver of payment efficiency and innovation.

In December 2015, we signed a contract with The Clearing House (TCH), which counts 24 of the USA’s largest banks among its members and several hundred banks as users of its system, to help build and deliver a real-time payments system in the US. Our ISO 20022 standard real-time payment system is facilitating a step-change advancement in US payments.

Our expertise in real-time technology, along with alternative payments overlay, such as Zapp and Paym, have international appeal and we continue to explore these opportunities as the year progresses.