VocaLink is committed to maintaining our position as industry thought leaders and innovators.

Throughout the year we manage and run our own events as well as sponsoring and attending conferences and seminars that bring together leaders in the payments industry.

Below you can view the events that VocaLink will be holding, attending or sponsoring in 2017.

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PayExpo Americas

7 - 8 March

Mexico City

VocaLink is pleased to be sponsoring PayExpo Americas which is set to be the annual discussion point for the entire LATAM payments community. Bringing together Central banks, retail banks, retailers, government representatives, MFIs, NGOs, Transport Operators and technology suppliers from across the entire continent, PayExpo Americas is the market’s definitive meeting point to set the agenda for payments.  To find out more please visit

Rosy Ruiz - our Head of Sales for the Americas - will be in attendance and would be delighted to meet and discuss our ambitious plans for rolling out our immediate payments technology across the globe, and helping other countries to benefit from the real-time technology and discuss options for collaboration and engagement.

Please contact to set up a meeting. 

VocaLink expert

Rosy Ruiz

Head of Sales - the Americas


European Payment Summit (EPS)

8 - 9 March

The Hague

European Payment Summit (EPS) offers a unique 2 day program featuring key developments ‘for-by professionals’ in the payments/transaction space combined with a full 2 day program with key sessions on international Security & Fraud. The summit is an excellent event to stay in touch with new concepts, strategies, alternative techniques, global practise and the fundamentals of payments and transactions. 

George Evers - our Product Director for Immediate Payments - will participate on the panel discussing ‘Real-Time Payments:  Essential Features – new technology, user needs, cost involved’ taking place at 11.30 on day one. The panel will be moderated by Jean-Michel Godeffroy, President, JMG Consulting and will be joined by Domenico Scaffidi, Principal Solution Consultant Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide.

Jim Wadsworth - our Managing Director for Accura - will speak at 15.15 on day one - Fighting Payments Fraud with Data Science and will discuss:

– Fraud implications with faster payments
– Industry-wide data sharing efforts in fighting fraud
– How can banking industry better respond and keep pace?

To find out more visit

VocaLink expert

George Evers

Product Director - Immediate Payments


Instant Payments

28 March



VocaLink is pleased to be supporting this event which will look at the immediate need for domestic payments, regulation and implementation, discuss how the system will be implemented and what improvements should be carried out by the communities as well as the business opportunities that will open up.

Kris Kubiena - our International Sales Director - will present The UK Case Study Powering Economies at 10.10 and will discuss:

  • What is "Instant Payments"?
  • The Instant Payments Switch – a platform for innovation
  • The UK Modernisation Programme
  • Overlay Innovation

For more information and to register for the event please visit


VocaLink expert

Kris Kubiena

International Sales Director


NACHA | Payments 2017

23 - 26 April

Austin, Texas

VocaLink is delighted to be sponsoring NACHA’s annual event -  Payments 2017 to be held in Austin Texas on the 23 – 26 April.

Jim Mortimer, our Head of International Propositions, will join Barry Kislingbury, Solution Consulting Director, ACI Worldwide to discuss ‘How Request for Payment changes the way we pay’ - The real-time payments revolution brings significant opportunity for merchants and small businesses. Accelerating funds availability and offering customers more payment options are just the beginning of the benefits.

But how will this work? In this session, we’ll examine the Request for Pay functionality of real-time payments and how this changes the way merchants and small businesses can accept payments. We will review the system preparations needed for introducing real-time payments and the changes resulting from this transition from batch to immediate processing.

Jim Wadsworth our Managing Director of Accura – VocaLink’s insights business, has been invited by NACHA to speak on ‘Fighting Payments Fraud with Data Science’ - The financial services industry is increasingly adopting faster payments systems. Unfortunately, fraudsters are also quick to leverage the benefits of faster payments with devastating implications.

Stolen funds are regularly used to support crime; banks or their customers usually have to bear the cost; and the money is rarely recovered. Session attendees receive answers to pertinent questions:

What are the fraud implications for banks and their customers following the implementation of faster payments?

How can an industry-wide approach to data sharing, together with cutting edge data science, help in the fight against fraud?

What can U.S. banks learn from other faster payments anti-fraud initiatives, including a game-changing solution from the UK? 

Read More

VocaLink expert

Jim Wadsworth

Managing Director - Accura


Tomorrow’s Transactions

26 - 27 April


VocaLink is Platinum Sponsor of this annual event which is now in its twentieth year. The agenda will look back at the lessons that have been learned across the two decades as well as look forward and see where new technology might take our world of transactions.  

To find out more and book your place please visit

Self-Service Banking Europe

23 - 24 May


VocaLink is delighted to be exhibiting at Self-Service Banking Europe in London on 23-24 May 2017. Formerly European ATMs, this is RBR's flagship European conference, bringing together 600 banks, independent deployers, payment providers, hardware vendors, software suppliers, schemes, networks and service companies and a range of other key industry stakeholders at a unique event.

Our Managing Director of Card Transaction Services, Ian Gausden, will be giving a keynote presentation which will ask - how will changes in payments drive changes in retail banking?

For more information about this event or to register to attend, please visit the RBR site here.  

Contact Us

Ian Gausden

Managing Director - Card Transaction Services


Payments Canada Summit

24 - 26 May


VocaLink is delighted to be platinum sponsor of Payments Canada Summit taking place in Toronto on 24-26 May. The Canadian payments landscape is changing faster than ever.  Now is the time to understand; what the future will bring, where Canada fits in the global ecosystem, and how this evolution and innovation will impact Canada as a nation, as an industry and as individuals. 

The Summit will bring together financial institutions, payments service providers, corporations and payments users, government and regulators, alongside FinTechs and Startups, merchants, and leaders in innovation and modernization from Canada and around the world.

To find our more visit 

ATM & Cash Innovation Europe

13 - 14 June


VocaLink is proud to be supporting the 20th year of ATMIA and the 50th year of the ATM by exhibiting at ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017 in London on 13-14 June 2017. Following from 15 successful years as European ATMs, this year’s event is ATMIA’s flagship European industry conference. The event will cover innovation in relation to ATMs, cash, self-service, branch transformation and multi-channel customer service. 

For more information on the event or to register, please visit the ATMIA site here.             

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