Supplier Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is an integral part of our strategy for building a sustainable procurement infrastructure. We are continually training our procurement team to support their expertise.

We are working hard to engage suppliers in our drive for sustainable procurement. We will do our best to support continuous improvement for any supplier that needs help in any area of our sustainable procurement policy.

We will report on the implementation of the code and would encourage all suppliers to adopt our Code across their entire business and within their own supply chains.

View our Code of Conduct.

As a Vocalink supplier we ask that you

  • Appoint a senior officer to ensure compliance with this policy
  • Set up a monitoring process to ensure standards are met and put in place a formal remedial process
  • Inform employees and agency staff and offer appropriate training where relevant
  • Promote the UN global compact within your supply chain
  • Agree that Vocalink may audit your operations to test compliance. 


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