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Prevent business payment fraud

Our business fraud prevention solution identifies and flags suspected fraudulent transactions to help financial institutions detect, investigate and prevent business payment fraud.

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We leverage advanced machine learning techniques to identify and flag incidents of high-value corporate payments fraud before funds leave an account, stopping an attack in its tracks.

What is business payment fraud?

Business payment-related fraud occurs when companies are tricked into paying money to a fraudster rather than a legitimate supplier; whether that is a one-off bill or a regular payment.

It includes invoice redirection fraud, CEO fraud (also known as business email compromise or BEC fraud) and mandate fraud. Since 2013, recorded international incidences of these frauds amount to more than $12 billion.


Corporate Fraud Insights

Together with NatWest, we piloted a new approach to corporate fraud prevention using cutting-edge machine learning and analytics. To date, Corporate Fraud Insights has prevented losses to corporate NatWest customers over £12 million.
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