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Trace illicit funds

Our anti-money laundering solution to traces the movement of illicit funds across payments networks to identify hidden accounts (‘money mules’) and combat organised criminal activity.

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By applying advanced analytics and behavioural profiling to billions of payment data-points, our solution traces the movement of illicit funds to uncover and flag suspect mule accounts faster and more accurately than ever before.

It provides intelligence beyond an individual financial institution’s partial view to trace funds across payments networks, disrupting organised criminal activity and stopping it in its tracks.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is the act of moving illicit funds between multiple bank accounts in order to obscure its source, fund criminal activities and extract funds, either wholly or in part.

When a person or a business falls victim to a fraudster the impact can be devastating, as most stolen funds are rarely recovered. It is estimated that up to $2 trillion is lost to money laundering globally every year.

What is a money mule?

A money mule is a personal or business account that is used for the purposes of money laundering. These can be accounts which are either opened or acquired for the express purpose of moving and dispersing illicit funds, or which hide illicit transactions amongst legitimate ones. When multiple mule accounts are linked together, they constitute a ‘mule network’. 


Mule Insights Tactical Solution

We partnered with Pay.UK’s Faster Payments Scheme to develop the anti-money laundering Mule Insights Tactical Solution (MITS), a world-first, industry-level solution to detect and shut down criminal activity across the payments network.
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