Assurance Solutions

Our assurance solutions provide an entirely new source of information for financial institutions to help validate information that flows through our payment systems, at individual or transactional level.

In providing this additional level of information and verification, we’re targeting the issue of fraudulent and misdirected payments by providing assurance that a payment is being sent to the intended recipient - empowering our clients to make more informed decisions.


The speed of modern payments systems means that stolen and illicit funds can be moved quickly.

It might sound simple, but the ability to verify an account name against a bank code and account number poses a significant challenge for many Financial Institutions (FIs) and their customers.

To address the issue of validating payment recipients, Vocalink Services is developing a truly ground-breaking solution called ‘Account Verification’. Powered by the data that flows through account-based payments systems, Account Verification will return a lower decline rate than other solutions in the marketplace and support a more positive customer experience, by reducing frustration for people when submitting a new payment request.