ATM Services

Vocalink ATM Products – boosting the efficiency of the ATM community.

Vocalink powers the world's busiest ATM network and provides transaction switching, clearing and settlement for the UK LINK scheme. We connect over 70,000 ATMs and process over 3.5 billion card-initiated payments every year.

The Vocalink infrastructure enables over 30,000 individual Post Office counters, the largest branch network in Europe, to provide a range of basic banking transactions. We settle more than £430 million transactions daily.

Flexible Solutions for ATM Networks

Our core infrastructure capability is augmented with value-added services that leverage our practical experience, know-how and technical capabilities. We work in partnership with banks, independent ATM deployers, mobile phone operators and retailers to realise opportunities within the card payments value chain.

Vocalink offers a range of ATM switching, managed ATM services, mobile phone top-up and gateway services for the benefit of VISA and Mastercard users. We are the largest ATM service provider in Europe directly managing more than 20,000 ATMs.

Our expertise in connectivity brings innovative interoperability to existing network, offering seamless connectivity to China UnionPay and PULSE (USA). This allows scheme cardholders to use over 14,000 UK ATMs.

Vocalink ATM Managed Service

Re-engineer the cost economics of ATM management. Vocalink ATM managed services can boost the efficiency of your ATM estate. Our approach is flexible, pragmatic and based on extensive experience. The Vocalink ATM Managed Service has everything you need to manage your ATM estate profitably.


Immediate and ongoing regulatory compliance assured


Complete end-to-end solution. Proven expertise ensures safe, reliable service


Support for a full range of transaction types, including cash withdrawals, dynamic currency conversion and mobile phone top-up


ATM helpdesk support: incident management, end-to-end client support, operational and management reporting


Complete deployment solution: ATM staging, connectivity, installation and testing, dynamic currency conversion and mobile phone top-up


ATM services – solutions throughout the payments chain

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