Network Banking

The Vocalink Network Banking service offers consumers a choice of banking services at a local retail store or Post Office. Services can include; balance enquiry, cash withdrawal and cash deposits.

The service offers benefits to merchant acquirers and their customers in the form of a new revenue stream. Card issuers can extend their reach and retailers benefit from the increased likelihood that the cash will be spent in store.


The Vocalink Network Banking service is currently available at Post Office branches. The Post Office Network Banking Service has 11,500 branches, offering free banking services that include cash withdrawal, deposit and balance enquiry.

As 94% of people live within a mile of a Post Office, this greatly increases customer convenience and helps promote financial inclusion.   

Vocalink Network Banking runs on proven Vocalink technology and builds on existing relationships and capabilities. By using the Vocalink Network Banking service card issuers can offer cash withdrawal and balance enquiry services at new locations with the potential to be available 24x7.