ATM Services

Resilience Services

The ATM helps meet the cash demands of the 24/7 society. In this connected age, people expect access to their cash where and when they want and have become accustomed to near perfect service availability.

Often, this is their only method of withdrawing cash so any interruption has a serious impact on their day-to-day lives, as well as your brand and reputation as a card issuer. As a result, customer expectations are high, so consequently any amount of service degradation is perceived as a failure.

uninterrupted access to cash

Our resilience services are designed to provide you with a robust and reliable contingency plan, to keep customers transacting even when systems are unavailable.

Eliminate single points of failure with our Dynamic Routing Service and we can offer Stand-in Processing (STIP) when you have scheduled and unplanned ATM outages. Both solutions support transactions from all connected ATMs and counters (such as LINK or Post Office counters)

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