real-time credits


The fastest way to return funds back onto your customers' cards.

By offering Real-Time Credits you will have a significant advantage over your competitors by meeting the growing customer demand for immediacy in returning money back to their debit card.

The service is particularly relevant but not restricted to:

  • Any retailer needing to make refunds

  • Insurance companies for successful claim payments

  • Service providers e.g. TV services, phone and internet providers

  • Gaming companies

  • Foreign Exchange companies

  • Utility providers

  • Any transport service needing to make refunds.

features and benefits


Managed service with agreed service levels


Single interface for merchants to send credit requests to be fulfilled by participating UK banks


Supports multiple web interfaces to integrate your system with Vocalink


Increase competitive advantage and creates repeat purchases at speed


Build trust with your customers


Competitive transactional pricing

Real-time credits flow

Real-Time Credits leverages existing card transaction functionality to refund an account and removes any manual processing requirements. By removing parties from the value chain it allows for real-time repatriation of funds.