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In this supplement we share our experiences of implementing real-time payments systems and take an in-depth look at the success of Faster Payments in the UK. We also examine the challenges and benefits that real-time payments can deliver to banks and consumers as well as the advantages real-time technology can bring to government and businesses to support the wider economy and society as a whole.

Consumers across the globe are adopting a 24/7 mobile lifestyle, evidenced by the fact that m-Commerce is growing 10 times faster than e-Commerce. It is critical that the underlying payments infrastructure is fit for purpose and capable of meeting the technological demands of overlay services in the digital age. Using the Faster Payments Service as a blueprint, we expect to see more markets embracing real-time payments.

We also talk to Ian Sayers, Chief Technology Officer at Zapp, who provides some insight into the commercial potential that overlay services can bring to support the business case for banks – positioning the bank account back at the heart of payments.

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