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Toynbee Hall and FSB have contributed to this VocaLink report, which identifies a number of challenges for individuals on variable and multiple incomes and for small businesses. The VocaLink contribution then sets out how innovation in payments systems can potentially address these challenges.

It is hoped that this paper will act as a catalyst for meaningful discussion on this issue amongst a broad set of stakeholders and, ultimately, progress in addressing these challenges.

Part One

Sets the scene, providing an explanation of the payments system and how it works, before going on to look at the trends in payments. It considers the slight decline in the use of cash, the decrease in cheque usage, the rise of contactless payment methods,and the future for Faster Payments and mobile payments, as well the potential for Direct Debits.


Part Two


Sets out the three contributor articles, written by FSB, Toynbee Hall and VocaLink.




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Inclusive By Design

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