Next Generation of Payments


In 2013, VocaLink commissioned an independent study that considered mobile banking and payments use in the UK. The study was one of the largest pieces of research into mobile usage and it considered consumer attitudes and behaviours to mobile banking and payments. The research concluded that mobile banking had reached a tipping point and was about to become mainstream. Moreover, there was a substantial opportunity for a ubiquitous mobile payment solution, particularly if offered by the banks, which were perceived as payments experts and trusted providers.

With the pace of change in mobile accelerating, we thought the time was right to conduct further research to understand what had changed and why, and to gain insight into the trends, challenges and opportunities facing mobile payments.

This industry study was commissioned by VocaLink and conducted by Illuminas. It is representative of the UK population, and incorporates the views of over 5,000 UK consumers aged from 16 to 75, plus focus groups. Although the survey revisits many of the themes of the 2013 study to enable comparison, it goes further and deeper.



Specific aims of the study are to:

  • Understand what has changed in the last two years 

  • Identify future trends in mobile banking and payments 

  • Gain a detailed understanding on a variety of topics, including mobile ownership and usage, app and mobile payment habits and how these compare with alternatives

  • Get to know our audience, to gain a multifaceted understanding of the human dynamics and what people want from next-generation payment services 

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Next Generation of Payments

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