VocaLink 2015 Annual Report


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When money moves easily, it powers economies. At VocaLink we empower banks and other fi nancial institutions to move money quickly and securely by providing them with world-class technology and payment industry expertise.

In the past year we have taken major steps in shaping the global payments landscape through innovation. The UK Faster Payments Service continues to set the standard for national payments services. Other countries have watched the transformation of UK payments and are seeking to adopt our technology and world-class service standards.

Our Immediate Payments Solution builds on the success of Faster Payments. We increase payment effi ciency and empower people to do more with their money by boosting innovation throughout the payments value chain and developing services that broaden access to payment services.

The global payments market is evolving fast and we are working at the heart of new developments. New technologies and alternative payment methods are emerging that offer credible alternatives to cash and cards. This year, VocaLink continued to provide a high-quality technical infrastructure that supports innovation and promotes competition. We continue to define what the future of payments means for our customers and for economies worldwide.





VocaLink 2015 Annual Report

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