VocaLink 2016 Annual Report


At VocaLink we operate a world-class payment system that enables money to flow smoothly and in real-time, driving the UK economy. In 2016 we processed 11.7 billion transactions, up 4% on 2015. Transactions through the UK Faster Payments System increased by 14%. 

Our UK business is a profitable, well-oiled machine that continues to perform strongly, enabling us to innovate and invest in new products. Internationally we continue to service our customers in Sweden and Singapore. During 2016 we launched new programs with The Clearing House in the US and National ITMX in Thailand. We see a number of further opportunites in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

The diversification of our business has enabled us to fill the order book beyond 2016, both by securing existing contracts and by winning new ones. Our anticipated acquisition by Mastercard should enable us to further build momentum in our international business. 

VocaLink 2016 Annual Report

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