The Millennial Influence - USA


This research into US millennials’ payments behaviour is part of our long-standing commitment to play a leading role in the discussion about the future of payments systems.

Millennials are coming of age – the oldest of them are hitting the peak of their economic productivity and their greatest purchasing power. Their choices, their behaviors and their concerns are set to profoundly shape developments across every spectrum of business and commerce, and nowhere more so than in how they access their money. Starting in the US, and moving to South East Asia and Europe, we are taking a close look at what millennials are saying about how they want to pay and what this means for the next generation of payments.


For us this has already been a fascinating journey, and we’re only at the first stop. This report offers a snapshot of what young Americans are saying and thinking about their money, and how they see the future unfolding. One thing is certain, the assimilation of technology into everyday patterns of behavior isn’t going to stop and we all need to respond – tomorrow will not be like today. 


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