Failsafe payments

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All banks have their own resilience and recovery systems in place; however, evidence suggests these are not always sufficient. Vocalink can help with contingency services that operate as a natural extension to the bank’s core services and that can also be applied to the full community of connected banks. 

Current Solutions

FPS & DCA stand-in
When a bank’s payments system is unavailable, Vocalink can offer a service that acknowledges and authorises payments on behalf of the bank, ensuring that payments are not impacted. 

Replay Payments
This is an emergency payments replay service used by large payment submitters, which ensures that even in the case of disruption to their internal payment systems, key Bacs payments will still be made. 

FPS 'Store & Forward'
This service is designed to insulate the bank’s FPS processing from down-time on their own IT infrastructure. 

ATM stand-in processing
Stand-in Processing (STIP) allows Vocalink to authorise transactions on the issuer’s behalf, in real-time, for both planned and unplanned outages to the issuing authorisation systems. 


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