Accura from VocaLink delivers fact-based, timely insights which enable better-informed decision making and help to solve some of the big problems that affect us all. Our vision is to power insights that empower everyday lives, by fusing data and technology with people and science.

WATCH: Overcoming fraud in an always-on economy

WATCH: Data analytics are reducing payments fraud


For over 40 years, VocaLink has been the operator of the UK’s payments networks, providing people and businesses with a fast, reliable and secure way to move money, at any time of day or night.  

A huge volume of payments data is created as a result, amounting to 11 billion yearly transactions and a total annual payments value of £6trn. To put this into context, that is equivalent to three times the UK’s GDP flowing through the UK payments systems every year.


Using up-to-date, transactional data, Accura creates innovative solutions that enable better-informed decisions, solving known problems for the benefit of us all.  Through our services, we help businesses to not only deliver an enhanced experience for their customers, but also to achieve operational efficiencies.

For example, one of our live solutions is protecting people, businesses and the wider economy from a particular type of high value theft known as ‘Invoice Redirection Fraud’.  

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Fraudsters use many ingenious methods to falsely channel millions of pounds every year from businesses. For bigger businesses, it can have a serious impact on the bottom line. For small to medium-sized businesses the effects can be devastating; they may be forced to close, and people may lose their jobs.

By applying cutting-edge analytical technology to payments data, we have developed proven and advanced capabilities that better identify and flag fraudulent payments, and the associated bank accounts. Accura insights sit across the end-to-end payments process, giving financial institutions a broader perspective and helping connect the dots and fight fraud on a wider scale.


FINEXTRA INTERVIEW: Data Analytics are reducing payments fraud

Watch Jim Wadsworth, Managing Director of Accura, discuss how the payments fraud landscape is shifting and how data analytics tools can tackle the challenge.


A smarter way to fight fraud every day

Businesses large and small up and down the country, across every type of industry, are falling victim to sophisticated scams known as Invoice Redirection, Mandate and CEO Fraud. They are duped into paying money to fraudsters, instead of their usual supplier. Often, this directly impacts the business as it still owes the billed amount; some businesses do not survive the loss.

Using cutting edge analytical techniques, our Invoice Payment Profiling (IPP) solution identifies and flags fraudulent payments before they leave victims’ accounts. It is now live and helping to protect business customers of a major UK bank against this scam.

Cutting-edge Technology


Policymakers make important decisions that affect the UK economy, such as setting our monetary and financial stability policies.  At the moment, these decisions are predominantly made using survey-based and forecast data. There is often a significant time lag between the data being produced and the decision being made.

Policymakers need to be able to react to changes quickly and with precision.  They are keen to access new sources of accurate and timely data to better inform their decision-making.  This includes factual, administrative data, and the latest  anonymised and aggregated information on, for example, employment statistics.

Accura insights are up-to-date and based on the huge volume of payments generated every day in the UK. They take the guesswork out of policy making and planning, driving better outcomes for all of us.

Analysis and precision insights


Every day, financial institutions take key decisions that affect people’s lives. There’s a need for accurate, incisive methods to predict and model the resulting impact.

Accura management information and data intelligence provides an enhanced view of financial behaviours which can be translated into clearer, more accurate strategic decisions.  We provide enhanced reporting and management information services to financial institutions, giving them access to their own consolidated payments data using the latest analytical tools and techniques.

Zero systems integration


Jim Wadsworth

Managing Director

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