Accura from Vocalink delivers fact-based, timely insights which enable better-informed decision making and help to solve some of the big problems that affect us all. Our vision is to power insights that empower everyday lives, by fusing data and technology with people and science.


For over 40 years, Vocalink’s payments platforms have powered the UK’s payments networks, providing people and businesses with a fast, reliable and secure way to move money, at any time of day or night.  

A huge volume of payments data is created as a result, amounting to 11 billion yearly transactions and a total annual payments value of £6trn. To put this into context, that is equivalent to three times the UK’s GDP flowing through the UK payments systems every year.



Using up-to-date, transactional data, Accura creates innovative solutions that enable better-informed decisions, solving known problems for the benefit of us all.  Through our services, we help businesses to not only deliver an enhanced experience for their customers, but also to achieve operational efficiencies.

For example, one of our live solutions is protecting people, businesses and the wider economy from a particular type of high value theft known as ‘Invoice Redirection Fraud’.  


The problems of fraud and money laundering are not new. For years, people involved in organised crime have endeavoured to set up accounts for the express purpose of moving the proceeds of crime through a network, in order to obscure their source, extract funds and make recovery by Financial Institutions nearly impossible.

Part of the reason for the rise and success of fraud and money laundering is the speed at which modern payment systems enable money to be both received and sent. People and businesses benefit from the speed and convenience of transferring money 24/7; unfortunately, criminals are also quick to leverage the benefits to fund their activities and launder money.

Accura overlays payments data with leading-edge data science tools and techniques to test and launch truly ground-breaking solutions to protect legitimate users of payments systems.


THE FRAUD ULTIMATUM: Fighting fraud in the UK financial services industry

Working with FT Remark, this report explores the issues facing heads of fraud and financial crime within UK financial institutions, and how collaboration and education are two of the strongest tools to fight fraud.

Download a copy of The Fraud Ultimatum



Criminals will always look for the path of least resistance when operating, and modern payments systems offer them the ability to exploit speed to their advantage. Money now moves through the UK’s payments systems faster than many existing old-technology or manual anti-money laundering processes can identify and flag suspicious transactions.

We have proven that it is possible to develop game-changing anti-money laundering solutions to tackle the issue of money mules.

Find out more information about Mule Insights.



A significant threat to Financial Institutions’ (FIs) commercial customers is payment-related Invoice Redirection, CEO and Mandate fraud. This is where the customer is duped into paying money to a fraudster rather than a legitimate supplier; whether that is a one-off bill or a regular payment.

Accura Invoice Insights is an anti-fraud analytics solution yielding powerful results. It tackles the issue of CEO, Mandate and Invoice Redirection fraud on the Bacs system, identifying and flagging suspicious transactions before the money leaves an account.

Find out more information about Invoice Insights.


Being unable to verify an account name against a sort code and account number poses a very significant challenge for us all. 

For FIs, it can cause regulatory, reputational and operational challenges. People and businesses feel they are not always in full control of their payments; they feel vulnerable that their money may be lost either due to fraud or error.

Find more information on Account Name Verification.


Every day, financial institutions take key decisions that affect people’s lives. There’s a need for accurate, incisive methods to predict and model the resulting impact.

Accura management information and data intelligence provides an enhanced view of financial behaviours which can be translated into clearer, more accurate strategic decisions.  We provide enhanced reporting and management information services to financial institutions, giving them access to their own consolidated payments data using the latest analytical tools and techniques.

Find more information on our Management Information Services and to submit a request.

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