real-time payment infrastructure

Instant Payment Service

Keep pace with the speed of life with Instant Payment Service – the most advanced, functionally rich solution for real-time bank account-based payments


managed service

Instant Payment Service is available as a managed service, which improves operational efficiencies and helps to unlock a future of growth and opportunity

Send and receive payments instantly
Our real-time switch enables immediate transfer of funds via a secure API gateway

Keep transactions safe and secure
Combat financial crime with a secure gateway, and network-level fraud and AML solutions

Maintain robust, reliable availability
Designed to handle high payment volume, the platform efficiently scales with demand


The components of our managed service provide additional features and functionality, with back office support for associated activities, such as liquidity management and risk controls 

use cases

Our service uses ISO 20022 data standards to facilitate and add value across payment and non-payment transactions

Person to person

Person to business

Person to government

Business to person

Business to business

Government to person

how it works

Transactions settle immediately and funds are instantly accessible, compared to traditional ACH systems that require longer

Real-time payments flow with Instant Payment Service

case studies

Instant Payment Service powers economies around the world

Frequently asked questions

What are real-time payments?

Real-time payments, also known as real time payments, immediate payments, instant payments or faster payments, guarantee immediate availability of funds to the recipient.

There are a number of pseudo-real-time payment solutions are available to the market, which post immediately, but major variations occur with the frequency of settlement, which can be in real-time or periodically throughout the day.

What are the benefits of of real-time payments?

Real-time payments offer wide-ranging benefits for people, businesses and society. Real-time payments:
  • guarantee immediate availability of funds to the recipient
  • support better cash management and improved visibility of balances
  • ease the transition to electronic payments by providing a viable alternative to cash

What are ACH payments?

ACH, which stands for automated clearing house, is a payment infrastructure for bank account-to-account payments. ACH systems can be real-time, but are typically slower and have discontinuous operating hours: bulk ACH systems post payments within hours or days of payment initiation.

real-time applications

Our real-time payment applications, which are ready to deploy, make it easier for people to pay and get paid

Pay by Account

Allow people to pay in-store or online from a bank account or digital wallet using their financial service provider's app.

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Bill Pay

Allow people to view, manage and pay household and other personal bills within their financial service provider’s banking app.

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Financial crime solutions

Our award-winning financial crime solutions leverage connected intelligence to help our customers better verify payment requests and recipients to prevent fraud and money laundering in real-time.

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Data analytics & consulting solutions

We offer technical advice and analysis to support your real-time payment project throughout its lifecycle, from project initiation to effective operation.

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