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C&CCC Image Clearing System

Migrating UK cheque volumes to an automated system

Vocalink developed and implemented an image-based cheque clearing system in partnership with The Cheque and Credit Clearing company, part of Pay.UK.

The new system means that cheque recipients will be able to access the funds from the cheques they pay in faster than ever before with certainty that the cheque won’t bounce.

"The introduction of the Image Clearing System in the UK brings the cheque firmly into the 21st century, safeguarding its use for the millions of people that rely on it as a trusted and reliable payment method."
James Radford, CEO of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company

The migration of UK cheque volumes to an automated, image-based system is a true revolution. It required the design and development of a new central infrastructure, a new set of messaging, more robust settlement, new access criteria, a governance framework, and a new contractual framework for participants.

The Image Clearing System went live on 30 October 2017. All UK banks and building societies can now clear cheques via the new image-based system. Cheques are cleared by 23:59 on the next working day — a huge improvement on the current six working-day paper-based clearing process.

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Connect to ICS

Fixed extranet is a multi-service network that offers continuous, secure and reliable connectivity to payment services, including PayPort, Bacs and the Image Clearing System.