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Latin American payments

Young Latin Americans are driving advances in payments and demanding convenience and control


As developers of technologies and infrastructures that are deeply woven into people lives, we keep our finger on the pulse on what people do and want to do with their money.

Our research amongst young Latin Americans reflects a trend we’re seeing across the globe – digital payments are displacing cash as technology becomes integral to how they interact. This insight should serve as an inspiration and catalyst for our industry.

Read our series of reports that reveal the attitudes and behaviours of young people in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.


embrace all types of new technology


trust mobile payments services because their bank has very high security standards


consider fingerprint scanning most secure when authenticating a payment

Rosy Ruiz, VP Business Development, ACH LAC, discusses attitudes to payments in Latin America

Mark Colleran, Director of Research & Insights, shares findings from Latin America

Ian Gausden, EVP Specialist Sales, explores the real-time payments opportunity in Latin America

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