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Our Digital Future

January 1, 2020 | By Storylab

Femi Odunuga leads Digital Future at Mastercard. The team works to understand emerging trends and technologies, and collaborates with colleagues across the business to design solutions and strategies to help our customers thrive.

Watch as Femi and Digital Future team member Thomas Veraart discuss key trends and demographics that will shape the future of commerce — for everyone everywhere; with or without a device.

The rise of voice 
Emerging markets are often overlooked — wrongly so…. They leapfrogged traditional payments by becoming mobile-first markets; They are likely to do so again by becoming voice and biometric first.” — Thomas Veraart


Drivers of change 
“Demographic shifts are informing a lot of these changes.” — Femi Odunuga 


Looking forward 
“Looking forward 15 years, there will be a whole new reality of ‘self-driving money’.” — Femi Odunuga 

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