At Vocalink and Mastercard, we believe we have a responsibility to do more than recognise the wide-reaching impact of the global pandemic – we need to work hard to find new ways to support people and businesses alike as the way they make and receive payments has changed over the past year.

We hosted a Utility Week Live Summit roundtable to discuss the specific challenges and opportunities when it comes to presenting and paying bills. The experiences shared by our roundtable guests chimed with our own extensive research into billing and bill payments in the UK. Existing solutions, like Direct Debit, suit many but don’t work for all – those on an irregular income, for example, like gig workers, vulnerable payers, or contractors, need flexibility over outgoings.

Part of the solution lies in Request to Pay — a secure messaging service that allows billers to request payment for goods and services. Mastercard was among the first to enrol into Pay.UK’s Request to Pay Framework, helping to connect UK billers with payers to give people flexibility and control.


“Request to Pay is a win-win for billers and payers.”
James Bushby, vice president at Mastercard
Hayden Harrison, Storyteller, Mastercard

Hayden is Mastercard and Vocalink's resident storyteller. She writes about a range of topics from financial inclusion to innovation that matters, and also curates our topics.