batch payment solution

Bulk Payment Service

Bulk Payment Service is the beating heart of your economy. It allows businesses and governments to automate payments to multiple accounts on time, every time.


pay now or later

Bulk Payment Service can be overlaid on a real-time payments infrastructure to unbundle and disburse individual payments at any time

Pay now or later
Pay individually or in a batch, either immediately or scheduled as required.

Send and receive non-payment messages
Send credit transfers, requests for payment and requests for information.

Submit multiple formats
Upload bulk files in multiple languages and formats including ISO 20022.

standalone batch infrastructure

Bulk Payment Service can provide a standalone solution for batch-in–batch-out payments, functioning as a clearing house with the central bank

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between batch and bulk?

Bulk contains multiple instructions of different types, whereas batch contains multiple instructions of the same type. You can have multiple batches in a bulk but you can’t have multiple bulks in a batch.

managed service suite

The components of our managed service provide additional features and functionality

Instant Payment Service

Provides real-time clearing and settlement of transactions. Supports ISO 20022 data standards to facilitate and add value across use cases and applications.

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Multi Proxy Service

Allow people and businesses to send and receive payments using an alternative recipient identifier, such as a mobile number, email address or corporate or citizen ID.

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Consulting solutions

We offer technical advice and hands-on support to help you implement a batch payment solution.

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