Batch processing solution

Bulk Payment Service

Bulk Payment Service is a batch payment solution. It allows businesses and governments to automate payments to multiple recipients at a time they choose.

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Bulk Payment Service captures planned payment transactions, such as payroll or government disbursements, and automates the on-time generation of payments in a batch.

It also supports non-payment transactions, such as request-for-information or request-to-pay, and provides post-processing reconciliation and reports.

It can provide a standalone solution for batch-in–batch-out processes, functioning as a clearing house for batch settlement with the central bank. It is also able to unbundle and disburse individual payments that settle and clear immediately via real-time payments infrastructure. 

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For over forty years, we've processed automated payments — including Direct Debits and Direct Credits — on behalf of Bacs. On a peak day, 99.3 million transactions were securely processed through our data centres.
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