Bill Pay

Mastercard Bill Pay allows people to view, manage and pay household and other personal bills within their financial service provider’s banking app.

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Digitising and simplifying bill payment and presentment

For billers and billing service providers

Offer a simple payment experience with reduced customer queries and complaints. Benefit from improved cash flow visibility and accounts management. Gain access to a wide network of financial institutions via our reliable payment platform.

For billers’ financial institutions

Win competitive differentiation through a broader suite of services. Improve loyalty and retention among customers.

For consumers' financial institutions

Enable bill payment capabilities within your banking app to grow usage. Compete on customer experience to increase loyalty and retention.

Giving payers convenience and control

With Mastercard Bill Pay, payers benefit from improved speed, transparency and control. It helps them to reduce their risk of late and erroneous payments, improve household budgeting and reduce friction in the bill pay experience.