Pay by Account

Make payments directly from a bank account

Pay by Account allows people to make payments in-store or online directly from their bank account using their banking or other mobile app. 

It provides a convenient way to make payments online or in-store using contactless acceptance infrastructure or QR code. 

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Leverages existing acceptance infrastructure

Includes Mastercard liability protection and dispute resolution

Enables payment innovation and choice

Consumers can check account balances before making purchases, and pay using any bank account with available funds. Transactions are authenticated by the consumer’s trusted bank and/or device, and tokenized through EMV-like capabilities so their account details are never exposed.

Merchants receive immediate receipt of funds with reduced risk of failure or chargebacks.

Pay by Account positions financial institutions at the centre of the payment experience, offering their customers additional choice about how they pay. 

Pay by Account also supports bill payments, sitting between banks and billers to facilitate payment and non-payment messages through the banks’ existing online and mobile banking apps.

Pay by Bank App

Pay by Account is live in the UK with HSBC and Barclays as Pay by Bank App.
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