Real-time payment infrastructure

Instant Payment Service

Instant Payment Service is a real-time clearing and settlement infrastructure for account-to-account payments with rich messaging capabilities. 

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Instant Payment Service supports a wide range of ISO 20022 messages — both payment and non-payment — to enable the development of enhanced propositions for consumers, SMEs, corporates and governments.

It can be augmented with pre-processing solutions, applications and services.

Instant payments

Clears and settles transactions in real-time, with immediate confirmation, enabling instant access to funds.

Secure, scalable and robust

Operates 24/7/365 with no data loss, even in the event of site failure, and regional-scale resilience and risk controls.

Improved visibility

In-flight tracking of banks’ settlement positions, and real-time liquidity management tools.

Multi-Proxy Service

Allows people to make payments to a recipient’s bank account without using their bank details. It supports Paym, the UK's mobile payments service, and PromptPay in Thailand.

Bulk Payments Service

Allows governments and businesses to make payments to multiple recipients at any pre-defined future time, including real-time.


Faster Payments

The UK Faster Payments service runs on Vocalink’s real-time payments infrastructure, enabling consumers and businesses to make immediate payments 24x7, 365 days a year.
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We helped the Singapore payments industry realise its bold ambition of implementing immediate bank transfers and debit requests as part of the FAST service.
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Vocalink helped transform payments in Thailand, providing a real-time payments infrastructure and mobile application that has enabled greater financial inclusion.
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Real Time Payments

In 2016, Vocalink signed a contract with The Clearing House (TCH) to develop a national real-time payments service in the US. Real Time Payments went live in November 2017.
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Democratising access to real-time payments with managed services

Mastercard’s regional managed services for real-time payments significantly lower costs and other barriers to entry for banks, central banks, operators and governments looking to modernise their payment systems. Now launching in Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, and soon in the Middle East & Africa. Download our position paper to learn more.
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