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Multi Proxy Service

Make payments simple and secure with Multi Proxy Service. It allows people to send money using a recipient’s phone number, email address or citizen ID.


the power of proxy

Multi Proxy Service is a proxy look-up solution for bank account, digital wallet and card-based transactions. It helps to make digital payments a viable alternative to cash.

Multi-Proxy Service enables real-time payments with a look-up time of less than a second

It securely stores and maps recipient proxies to name and account details

It can make payments to any type of account, regardless of the financial service provider

case studies

Multi Proxy Service makes payments safer and more intuitive around the world

Supporting Open Banking

Multi Proxy Service can be used with open banking-enabled payment initiation services to make user experiences more intuitive.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a payment proxy?

A proxy, or alias, identifies a recipient and their payment account using a simple alternative, such as a unique phone number, email address or citizen or corporate ID etc. It protects their sensitive account information and makes sending payments more intuitive.

managed service suite

The components of our managed service provide additional features and functionality

Instant Payment Service

Provides real-time clearing and settlement of transactions. Supports ISO 20022 data standards to facilitate and add value across use cases and applications.

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Bulk Payment Service

Upload bulk payment instructions to pay individually or in a batch. Pay immediately via real-time infrastructure, or schedule for any future time.

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Consulting solutions

We offer technical advice and analysis to support your real-time payment project throughout its lifecycle, from project initiation to effective operation.

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