Payment proxy solution

Multi-Proxy Service

Multi-Proxy Service is a payment proxy look-up service. It allows people to make payments using an alternative recipient identifier, such as a mobile number or citizen ID.

It supports Paym, the UK's mobile payments service, and PromptPay in Thailand.

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It securely stores relevant payment proxies and maps them to customer name and bank account detailsBank account details are then used to finalise a payment transaction without sharing sensitive account information.

It can be linked to any number of applications that involve a payment, such as a mobile payment application or overseas remittances or card payments.

It supports real-time payments with a look-up time of less than a second.



PromptPay allows people and businesses in Thailand to send and receive money in real-time using a mobile number, email address or citizen ID.
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Paym allows people in the UK to send money to friends and family using their phone number. Fifteen banks and building societies offer the Paym service within their banking apps.
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