To offer a credible alternative to cash and card payments, real-time payments must run on technology that is proven, resilient and always available. VocaLink is the power behind the Faster Payments Service in the UK, which is the global standard bearer for real-time payments.

Our technology offers 99.9% availability and our resilient deployment ensures that transactions are always safe. Our extensive experience means we know how to run payments and have a deep understanding of the design, development and operation of national payments infrastructures. 

VocaLink's Immediate Payments Solution (IPS) is the power behind the FAST service in Singapore, PromptPay in Thailand and will soon be deployed in the U.S, as part of a drive to introduce universal real-time payments.

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VocaLink is a global payments provider that thrives on innovation. We play an important role in helping the global payments landscape evolve and embrace real-time technology.

We do this through our unsurpassed passion for performance, constant pursuit of new ideas and the near-100% reliability of our technology. Our proven capability of implementing real-time payments in the UK has led to the development of immediate payment solutions across the world. 

Our vision is to be the leading real-time payment infrastructure provider globally, creating a positive impact on society and designing bespoke, world-class payment systems, driven by the voice of today's customers. 


Our strategy is built on a vision to shape the global payments landscape and in recent years we have partnered with other industry leaders to expand our offering into international markets.

The development of a real-time system for the US is our latest milestone. Our expertise and technology can meet the needs of modern-day businesses and consumers across America, just as it has done for those in UK, Sweden, Singapore and Thailand. Our experience means that we understand the demands placed on any Automated Clearing House that supports an entire country.


The shift towards ‘faster payments’ as we say here in the UK, has been one of the most exciting developments within the payments industry in the last decade. Consumers experience most services in real-time and now expect the same from their financial providers.

They expect to be able to move money in an instant. Simple. But as with most things, the simplest ideas are often the most complex to implement. So where does it start? It begins with a requirement for open communication throughout an ecosystem of clearing houses, schemes, regulators, technology providers, PSP’s and banks.

And it requires a willingness from all parties to work towards one unified vision. At the heart of it all, is the need for a robust, failsafe system that can underpin the clearing and settlement processes. Any system built for a community needs to be world-class and VocaLink’s track record of success is proven in this field.


There are an unlimited number of use cases for immediate payments, spanning P2P, B2B and

Insurance payouts

Small business invoice

Government benefit payments

Daily/weekly wages

P2P Payments

Electronic bill presentment


If you are a payments provider, VocaLink's Immediate Payments Solution can offer you a strategic platform that is proven, truly multichannel and supports the launch of new, exciting overlay services on real-time rails. 

Many of the world’s top banks and financial institutions trust VocaLink to provide resilient, reliable and secure payment services.

We designed and implemented the UK’s Faster Payments system in 2008, and have managed the system ever since – so our heritage and expertise is second-to-none.

We view our Immediate Payments Solution as a critical national programme of change that has the potential to have a major impact on the global payments landscape and economies - and we are already making inroads.


Here are some of the core functions of our Immediate Payments Solution that will revolutionise the clearing and settlement process across the globe in terms or speed, automation and accuracy:

  • Provides participating banks with an end-to-end, synchronised, real-time account-to-account transfer service accessible via on-line, telephone and other banking channels.
  • Operates at 24/7/365 with no downtime (99.99999% uptime)
  • Provides immediate availability of funds for receivers.
  • Has real-time access at its core which means that payments are completed successfully or unsuccessfully with instant updates to participants.
  • Has an extensive set of payment and non-payment ISO 20022 related messages. 
  • Sets configurable transaction limits.
  • Allows for ease of integration with 3rd party services and supports the anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and compliance process.
  • Supports the move towards interoperability across the international payments landscape by supporting multiple currencies, aligned with global standards.
  • Facilitates ubiquity by being able to reach the largest possible number of financial institutions and accounts.
  • Integrates support for multiple transaction channels, including mobile.

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