Immediate payments

What's in the box

Vocalink has engineered a solution to cater for the universal needs of the market, based on our experience of building and running mission-critical systems.

Our discussions with banks, ACHs and central banks around the world have revealed a strong demand for expert support and guidance. For example the complexities involved in operating a 24/7 real-time system is a massive departure from operating a batch system and/or systems which rely on off-peak hours for maintenance.

Other major challenges vary from how to deliver and coordinate multiple stakeholders, how and what’s required to on-board customer banks, and the best approach to utilise the mobile and online channel for payments initiation. Vocalink provides experienced people to support a project throughout its lifecycle, from project initiation right through to running an effective operation.

We also support the formulation of the end-to-end systems design, expertise in the development of scheme rules and documentation of business, operational and generic roles and responsibilities. Practical experience of the key stages and the potential pitfalls reduces the cost and increases the speed of deployment whilst enhancing the efficiency of the infrastructure, particularly when considering how to exploit the real-time system capability to create value for end users.

our solution


Provides participating banks with an end-to-end, synchronised, real-time account-to-account transfer service accessible via on-line, telephone and other banking channels


Operates at 24/7/365 with no downtime (99.99999% uptime)


Provides immediate availability of funds for receivers


Has real-time access at its core which means that payments are completed successfully or unsuccessfully with instant updates to participants


Has an extensive set of payment and non-payment ISO 20022 related messages


Sets configurable transaction limits


Allows for ease of integration with 3rd party services and supports the anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and compliance process


Supports the move towards interoperability across the international payments landscape by supporting multiple currencies, aligned with global standards


Integrates support for multiple transaction channels, including mobile

our strategy

Our strategy is built on a vision to shape the global payments landscape and in recent years we have partnered with other industry leaders to expand our offering into international markets.

The development of a real-time system for the US is our latest milestone. Our expertise and technology can meet the needs of modern-day businesses and consumers across America, just as it has done for those in UK, Sweden, Singapore and Thailand. Our experience means that we understand the demands placed on any Automated Clearing House that supports an entire country

project initiation

Needs analysis and standards definition to SLA development


design service

Requirement elaboration through to designing the service and architecture


build service

Building the platform and integrating the software to a wide range of testing appropriate for mission critical systems


deploy service

Migration and participant on-boarding to industry testing, go live and marketing initiatives



Maintainence and support through to the complexities involved in running a 24/7 operation


future growth

Change requests to strategic development such as overlay services