Vocalink provides critical payment and transaction services to large-scale national infrastructures, financial institutions and corporates that enable economies to flourish both today and in the future.

Vocalink is the main provider of payment services to the UK public sector. We handle 98% of state benefits and 95% of all salaries.

Our real-time infrastructure for the Faster Payments Service is redefining the payments industry and enabling innovation around mobile.

Paym, a Payments Council initiative launched in 2014 on our mobile proxy platform and enables bank customers to send instant payments to other people from their banking applications using just their mobile number and later this year, Zapp a person-to-business and merchant service will go live. 

We also enable the Current Account Switch Service and the Cash ISA Transfer Service which have set new standards for consumers in switching suppliers.

We help governments in their drive for greater efficiency through direct access to our ubiquitous payments infrastructure. Our services enable governments to manage and control payments at any scale.


Key benefits 

  • Impact of accurate and timely earnings information

  • Consumer switching and portability

  • Fraud and error reduction

  • Tax, benefit and pension reform

  • Financial inclusion

  • Data and cyber security.


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