Modulus checking

Modulus checking allows payment originators to confirm that customer codes and account numbers are compatible before submitting a Bacs Direct Credit or Direct Debit instruction.

Modulus checking can be used by various business activities to validate account details that are quoted in payment instructions. Validating account numbers before submission can reduce the number of referred payments. It can also minimise time spent investigating returned payments and improve cashflow.

Modulus checking offers a fast and efficient way of validating account numbers by sorting codes. The service offers the most comprehensive coverage of UK financial institutions available and is regularly updated to include the latest changes.

Our Validating Account Numbers document describes how modulus checking can be performed and used to validate customer account details.

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Key Benefits

Save time and money by detecting errors early

Boost efficiency and improve cash flow by reducing the risk of returned payments

Perform checks as part of your workflow, either manually or by computer program