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PayPort is a managed service gateway that offers immediate, secure, round-the-clock access to the Faster Payments service for payment service providers as directly-connected settling and non-settling participants.

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By connecting you to Faster Payments, PayPort enables you to meet customer demands and create customer-centric propositions, such as mobile payment and bill pay solutions, built on immediate payments.

It's ideal for any organisation seeking low-risk, fast and reliable access to the Faster Payments scheme, including challenger banks, payment service providers, money transfer businesses or electronic money institutions.

Our PayPort services extend beyond Faster Payments, enabling you to interface with multiple payment schemes including Bacs, SEPA and CHAPS so you have one single gateway for all your payment transactions.

Directly connected participants

A directly-connected settling participant (DCSP) of the Faster Payments scheme is a payment service provider (PSP) that connects directly to the central infrastructure of Faster Payments with a 24/7 real-time gateway. 

A DCSP is required to have a reserve account for settlement at the Bank of England to settle their own transactions at each settlement cycle.

Helping you connect to Faster Payments – from onboarding (including attending your first scheme meeting), compliance and rules, to supporting you with your certification and go-live processes.