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There are over 750 employees at VocaLink. Meet some of the Customer Services Team who work behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly.



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Wendy Kimberley

Customer Service Support Analyst

Date started at VocaLink: April 2001

Overview of department: The Customer Support Team delivers 2nd Line technical support on all existing and new VocaLink services and 1st Line support for Bankgirot. We represent the Bacs Service from an operational and customer perspective both internally and externally.

Overview of role: Respond directly to issues raised by Member Banks and their customers. Provide 2nd Line technical support to the Service Desk on all existing live services. Preparation of guidelines and procedures for internal use/mentoring/training of new staff.

A fact/anecdote about yourself: My claim to fame was while on a holiday in the Caribbean, my next door roommate was Patrick Vieira who played for Arsenal at the time. A lovely man who I spent a lot of time drinking cocktails with.

Lindsay Ambler

Senior Customer Service Manager

Date started at VocaLink: April 2006

Overview of department: To manage the service delivered by VocaLink to customers, including management of the contracted services within agreed SLAs, for both Financial Institutes and Independent ATM Deployers (IAD).

Overview of role: Owning and managing the end to end customer relationship with the aim of improving customer satisfaction year on year. 

A fact/anecdote about yourself: I qualified individually for the Northern Show Cross Series 2014, where I got the chance to jump at the Countryside Live Event held in the main ring at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground. I also jumped as part of a team at the same event and was very proud of my horse who jumped a clear round for the team at such a big event.

Mushtaq Shah

Trainee Customer Service Support Analyst

Date started at VocaLink: March 2014

Overview of department: Customer Service Support are responsible for 1st Line support for the Bankgirot service, and 2nd Line technical support on all other VocaLink services. We represent the Bacs service both, from an internal and external perspective.

Overview of role: Providing 1st and 2nd Line technical support to customers, whether internal or external, directly and indirectly where the need arises.

A fact/anecdote about yourself: My dream holiday would be to South America to experience what nature truly is. It looks beautiful from all of the pictures I have seen, and I hope to visit one day.

Neil Proctor

Customer Service Support Manager

Date started at VocaLink: June 2008

Overview of department: We own the Incident Management process which involves working with the technical teams within VocaLink on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to reduce the number of incidents, improve incident turnaround and improve customer satisfaction by improving the process on an on-going basis. 

Overview of role: Having responsibility for some key processes means we have to be both continually on top of what is happening whilst also looking at the bigger picture. Being an oversight and support team allows us to identify where things may not be working as well as they could and look to develop improvements. 

A fact/anecdote about yourself: I have been to every Cup Final in Middlesbrough FCs history. The only one we won was in Cardiff and I was hopeful that a rebuilt Wembley might be little more kind to us this year.

Urszula Leahy

Link Scheme Support Team Manager

Date started at VocaLink: April 2007

Overview of department: We settle the funds for all members through the Bank of England. We also provide a Reconciliation Service for our Independent ATM Deployers and process Link, Mastercard, Visa and MPTU (Mobile Phone Top Up) disputes. The department has recently taken on 2 new team members from the VocaLink Service Desk, with a view to consolidate some of the functions performed by both departments.

Overview of role: My role is to guide and support the rest of the team. To manage the responsibilities, workloads, and conduct training for new products and services. 

A fact/anecdote about yourself: I am first generation born of Polish parents who found themselves in England after the 2nd World War. I speak the language fluently, and try to visit family who still live in Poland, as often as I can.

Kirsty Owen

Service Desk Analyst

Date started at VocaLink: Sept 2014

Overview of department: The Customer Contact Centre is split into two teams, the AMS Team and the Service Desk. Each team are customer facing and deal with user issues, and queries.

Overview of role: The most essential role of a Service desk analyst is to liaise with external and internal customers to help resolve any issues they may be experiencing. Tasks can incorporate desk side assistance as a first time fix, or communicating with the appropriate support teams when more technical experience is required.

A fact/anecdote about yourself: I have a food and drink section on my bucket list. So far I’ve ticked off Mississippi Mud Pie in Mississippi, Croissants from Paris and Guinness in Dublin. Next year I’ll have 3 more in the bank with fresh Stroopwafels from Amsterdam, Shrimp in Australia and Kiwi fruit in New Zealand.


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