Financial crime solutions

Secure the digital economy with our real-time financial crime solutions, which help to protect people and organisations however they choose to transact


securing the digital economy

Cutting-edge data analytics to verify payment requests and recipients, trace illicit funds, and prevent fraud and money laundering across a payment network

Advanced data science
We employ machine learning technologies to detect financial crime faster and more effectively

Connected intelligence
We leverage data from card and over account-based transactions to train our algorithms

Network-level insights
Our network-level view improves detection rates and enables industry collaboration

Prevent business payment fraud

Our financial crime solutions identify instances of BEC, CEO, and invoice redirection fraud to help financial institutions detect, investigate and prevent payment fraud targeted at businesses.

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Prevent retail payment fraud

Our financial crime solutions identify and flag instances of authorised push payment scams and instances of account takeover to help financial institutions detect, investigate and prevent payment fraud targeted at consumers.

Prevent money mule activity

Our financial crime solutions identify previously hidden mule accounts within a financial institution’s personal or business account portfolio, enabling them to investigate and close them down. 

Trace financial crime

Our financial crime solutions trace payments and money movements stemming from a confirmed fraud or authorised push payment scam across the payments network using a patented algorithm, alerting on suspect mule accounts.

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Verify account name

Our financial crime solutions return a probability score based on rich payments data and advanced data science techniques to help financial institutions accurately validate payment requests in real-time. 

Data analytics & consulting solutions

We offer reporting and analytics to support regulatory obligations and enhance operational efficiencies. We also offer advice and end-to-end project management to help you implement a financial crime solution and meet legal and operational requirements.

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