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Access solutions

Our access solutions provide a gateway to UK payment schemes, including Faster Payments, Bacs and the Image Clearing System, and international card schemes.

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Connect to Faster Payments 

PayPort offers immediate, secure, round-the-clock access to the UK Faster Payments service for financial institutions as directly-connected settling and non-settling participants.

Connect to card schemes

Our card transaction gateway connects issuers and acquirers to Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay, Discover and JCB schemes to enable card-initiated transactions.

Connect to Bacs and ICS

Fixed extranet is a multi-service network that offers continuous, secure and reliable connectivity to payment services, including PayPort, Bacs and the Image Clearing System.

ETS Client software enables the submission of payments and collection of Bacs output and reports via the fixed extranet payments network. It is fully maintained to be up-to-date with scheme changes.