Direct Debit originators extract

Uses of the DDO

The DDO (Direct Debit Originators) extract contains information on service users authorised to originate Direct Debits. The extract contains information that can be used for the resolution of customer queries relating to Direct Debits, including:

  • Service user contact details for queries relating to the Direct Debit scheme
  • Service user contact details for queries relating to the originator
  • Information relating to the accounts the service user can originate Direct Debits from.

Customer help

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The information held on the DDO is updated by sponsoring banks on a daily basis. Vocalink use this information to produce the DDO extract on a daily basis. The DDO extract is provided by Vocalink under license from Bacs Limited.

£5494 + VAT per quarter

55 Downloads available *

£1312 + VAT per quarter

13 Downloads available *

£324 + VAT per quarter

3 Downloads available *

£108 + VAT per quarter

1 Download available *

* per quarter

Subscribe to DDO

The DDO extract is created daily, however customers can choose how frequently they want to download the DDO, either: daily; weekly; monthly or quarterly. To subscribe to the DDO service, the DDO registration form must be completed electronically, then printed, signed and returned.

The frequency and license type required must be specified on the form. Details of your organisation and two people to access the DDO must be provided.

The two individuals will be set up as "contact" on payment services so they can log on to download the DDO and register other contacts to access the DDO.

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